Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

The Authors of the two articles referenced below, Curation Before Creation and Not All Digital Media Assets Are Created Equal state that less is more when it comes to digital assets.  I have always believed in quality over quantity.  Having a smaller number of quality digital assets is by far superior to having a large quantity.  Although, being creatively spontaneous can yield good results I think it is always important to take a moment to assess what you are trying to communicate through your media.  The Authors of the articles were speaking from experience and shared how curating can help save time and resources.  When working on any project going through large quantities of media is time consuming and can easily be avoided by simply curating before creating.  I believe curating is very important when working on any project.  Just as the author of Curation Before Creation stated, taking the time to consider what your goals are for a project and organizing your thoughts is always a good first step.  Through this month I have managed my time by planning and researching what digital tools would help me to achieve the look and message that I wanted my media to communicate.  Curating and knowing what I wanted while creating media helped my work have a more professional look and feel.  Curating helped me throughout this course on several different levels.  By brainstorming the best way to create the various aspects of my projects, I was able to quickly create my media.  Because I work full time and go to school it is important for me to keep in mind what I am trying to achieve when creating media to help save time.  The digital curating tools that I have been introduced to throughout this course have been very beneficial.  I had never heard of Symbaloo before, but after beginning this course I immediately started adding tiles for FSO and various other sites.  Symbaloo helps me to organize my digital tools so that they are easy to find and organize.  I will continue to utilize all of the digital tools I have researched this month while working on future projects.

Spiegel, P. (2014, May 21). Not all digital media assets are equal: The case for curation [Blog post].

Retrieved from https://lac-group.com/media-asset-curation/

Whitehead, R. (2014, April 7). Curation before creation [Blog post].  Retrieved from


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